VP485 Color Label Printer

There has been rapid growth in the need for short run label printing, driven by an explosion in increased product versions, SKUs, bar coding, localization and targeted marketing promotions. Most external print houses charge excessive setup fees and have minimum order quantities for short run jobs. These constraints greatly reduce a company’s flexibility and force organizations to tie up cash in unessential stock piled labels that may ultimately require updating and will be wasted.
VIPColor’s label printing solutions provide companies the versatility to generate in house custom labels to address these issues. Our systems enable sales growth in small to medium enterprises as well as addressing inventory and cost reduction challenges.
The VP485 color label printer enables companies to produce color labels in-house, exactly when and where they are needed, with the exact content and quantity required. Ideal for the production of variable color labels, variable image labels, variable text labels and variable barcode content labels.
Our color label printer generates customized product labels and package labels for events, special occasions or for private branding. The LJ485 color label printer is also perfect for the regionalization required for products sold within foreign markets and is particularly suited for gourmet food labels, beverage labels, sauce labels, food supplement labels, vitamin labels, pharmaceutical labels, nutraceutical labels, chemical labels, GHS labels, medical device labels, hardware labels, Do-It-Yourself in store labels, color picture shoe box labels and apparel price tags applications.
Our full color VIPColor Product Label Printers will help make your company more profitable by saving you money and time every time you print a label in house. The VIPColor Product Label Printers can print all of your print house labels just when you need them and at the lowest cost on the market! Cheaper than traditional print methods in print volumes up to 10.000 pieces
4 to 6 times faster than other inkjet label printers on the market**
2.5 times cheaper per label than other inkjet printers on the market**
Enables fully variable color content
All inks are in separated cartridges (Reduces waste and interventions. Unique to VIPColor)
Up to 4800 x 1200 Dpi
Great water resistance*
Highly scratch and smudge resistant
High impact labels with deep rich colors
Easy to operate
Large external unwinder and rewinder, ideal for longer print runs
Labels on Rolls, Continuous and fan-fold