VP495 Color Label Printer

With the requirement for GHS labeling needs looming in the USA, VIPColor has developed a printer that enables the generation of color on demand GHS labels at a hardware cost that supports distributed printed throughout your organization.
This unit has been certified BS5609 compliant and as such is proven to generate a highly durable label. No added costs required for secondary processes, like coating or lamination
BS5609 certified label generation
Print GHS chemical labels
Beautiful labels that last up to twelve months outdoors
Eliminate the need for post-print lamination
The LJ495 is the next generation of desktop colour label printer that uses the revolutionary advance VIPColor Durable Ink Printing Technology. This is an innovative 4-ink, all pigment-based ink printing system that can deliver printouts with great durability. When used in conjunction with an inkjet compatible media, the result is professional and high quality labels that are both water and lightfast that is highly suitable for outdoor label applications, as well as on product packaging that are use under prolong moisture exposure.
The new advanced ink and print-head technology empowers the VP495 to deliver crisp texts and high-definition graphics at a print resolution as high as 1200 x 1200 dpi – unmatched by any known pigment ink based solution of its class in the market today!
Similar to the LJ485, the LJ495 offers the same benefits of the digital printing workflow, which includes:
On-demand colour label printing - Print exactly what, when and how much you need. No capital holdup due to excessive inventory and is great for just-in-time and build-to-order workflow.
Streamline your label printing flow – combining complex graphical design and variable information like manufacturing date code into a label. This removes the need for over printing on pre-printed labels and significantly reducing your time-to-market from weeks to just days.
Flexibility in design – Design and print graphical labels with different marketing messaging and design to help marketers to rapidly assess product packaging that help
- Drives sales and short-term in-store promotions (e.g. sweepstakes).
- Meets customization needs of private branding.
- Manages a portfolio of products for different regions and languages.
- Responds rapidly to regulatory requirements – especially in the pharmaceutical and medical device labels.
Prints labels more affordably than conventional printing methods (like flexographic and screen printing) up to 10,000 labels per job.
Prints faster and cheaper than other inkjet printers in the market today.
Individual ink tanks for great flexibility and low consumable replacement cost.
Offers remarkable water and light fasted labels that are suitable for outdoor and also prolong moisture exposure packaging applications*.
Highly scratch and smudge resistant labels*.
Easy and flexible to operate – prints labels on rolls, continuous and fan-fold.
Crisp text and aesthetically pleasing labels that looks great on product packaging like horticulture and colour labels. Enhance your product image and make it stand-out from the crowded shelves.